New Trails Exhibition

Dates to be finalized, but looking like mid-August.  This takes place in indoor spaces and outdoors - along the Wissahickon. New Trails

New Trails aims to intelligently and provocatively activate empty storefront venues and outdoor spaces in the Philadelphia community of Chestnut Hill through a series of arts exhibition events. New Trails will incorporate dynamic young & established artists from the region who are actively utilizing recycled materials, environmentally aware concepts and/or sustainable practices as part of their creative process and output, as well as provide opportunities for artists to investigate and create site-specific, site-conscious projects in the shared regional outdoor space of the historic Wissahickon Valley. We aim to provide additional topical programming including panel discussions, artist walks and presentations, public creative displays and free youth education sessions focused on art and the environment.

The goal of this project is to extend the boundaries and the conversation regarding sustaining community development and outdoor urban resources through utilizing creative work as an exciting catalyst for appreciation, reflection and dialogue. New Trails aspires to create immediate excitement and activity, while fostering a connection between the direction and potentials of the relationship community and commercial development shares with the natural world surrounding it. With New Trails we aim to stimulate growth and investment in the cultural, commercial and natural corridors of these communities.

In conjunction with New Trails a comprehensive full-color exhibition catalog/field-guide will be produced. The catalog will feature original responses to the project and works from Katrina Kuntz (Independent Curator/Critic), Margaret Winslow (Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Delaware Art Museum) and Bryan Rice (Programmer, Adaptation).

Participating Artists

Brookes Britcher (Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA)

Emily Bunker (Philadelphia, PA)

Alexander Conner (Philadelphia, PA)

Dumpster Divers (Philadelphia, PA)

Fritz Horstman (Baltimore, MD)

Ted Houghtaling (Pittsburgh, PA)

Ellie Irons (New York, NY)

Colin Keefe (Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA)

Michael Koehler (New York, NY/Germantown, Philadelphia, PA)

Caroline Lathan-Steifel (West Chester, PA)

Jason Lee (Morgantown, WV)

Max Liboiron (New York, NY)

Ron Longsdorf (Spartanburg, SC)

Daniel Mahlman (Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA)

Joanna Platt (Philadelphia, PA)

Stephen Ruszkowski (Wilmington, DE)

Mike Ryan (Philadelphia, PA)

Hiro Sakaguchi (Philadelphia, PA)

Phillip Scarpone (Wilmington, DE)

Michael Sebright (Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA)

William Schlough (Pittsburgh, PA)

Merian Soto (Philadelphia, PA)

Harrison Tyler (Baltimore, MD)

Lindsay Yeager (Newark, DE)

Jim Zeske (West Chester, PA)

New Trails is curated by Brookes Britcher and Bryan Rice.

New Trails is a sponsored project of the City of Philadelphia Department of CommerceReStore Corridors Through Art initiative.