Cellular/Molecular at EKG Gallery

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I’m in this, opening reception April 25th.


Local artists are connecting biology and organic chemistry to fine art in the group show Cellular/Molecular. The exhibition at Breadboard‘s EKG (Esther Klein Gallery) in University City runs from April 16–June 9, 2013, with an opening reception Thursday, April 25, 5:00–8:00pm. Cellular/Molecular was developed to coincide with the  Philadelphia Science Festival, which takes place April 18–28.

Through different media and through abstraction, Cellular/Molecular showcases local artworks inspired by biology and chemistry, works that define the terms, and works that demonstrate our accidental and natural inclination to create cellular and molecular forms.

Cellular (adj): of, relating to, resembling, or composed of a cell or cells; having cells or small cavities; porous; divided into a network of cells. Molecular (adj): relating to or produced by or consisting of molecules, relating to simple or elementary organization. Curated by Gaby Heit, the exhibition includes artists Jessica Curtaz, Lori Evensen, David Foss, Rebecca Jacoby, Colin Keefe, Angela McQuillan, Dolores Poacelli, Bruce Pollock, Jacob Rivkin, Sarah Steinwachs, Kristen Tinari and Alice Whealin. Some of the participating artists have studied biology and chemistry alongside fine art.

Breadboard is a hybrid program of the University City Science Center that explores intersections between contemporary art, design, science and technology. Expanding on 30+ years of Esther Klein Gallery programming, Breadboard’s mission is to convene communities around creative applications of technology. Breadboard is the non-profit partner of NextFab Studio, a membership-based, high-tech workshop and prototyping center

EKG is located on the ground floor of 3600 Market Street, University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Hours are Monday–Saturday 10:00am–5:00pm.