Work in Progress

Here's another LO-FI update from my cell phone.  I don't get fussy with photographing works in progress; it's more about documenting the process for myself.  The color here is misleading - the paper is just very slightly cream colored, but it's hardly noticeable.  I'll be having Jaime Alvarez photograph it in early December before I ship it off to the framers.

This, along with six 30" x 44" drawings and an editioned sculpture, will be in a solo show at Robert Henry Contemporary.

It has a title now - The Beginning of Everything - so I can stop calling it "Drawing for RHC Show 2016 42" x 90" " in my notes.

Now that the drawing is close to done (another week I think), I'm going to shift back to working on the 3D printed edition sculpture.

This is now going to be a series of interlocking, interchangeable hexagonal city modules.

There's a learning curve for me transferring what I understand about space on paper to a 3D modeling software environment, so: tutorials!

And my first raw hex primitive, hollowed out with correct wall thickness for printing.

I worked out that I can import my drawings into Inkscape, convert to SVG, and then import into I need to make drawings specifically for this purpose (the above was me just messing around). provides material sample kits, and I just received mine earlier this week.  I printed my earlier trials in Strong White Flexible plastic, but I am thinking that the final edition will be printed in SW Flexible, Stainless Steel and Alumide (2nd, 3rd, and 4th from left in photo).