Working on The Suburban Milwaukee: 16 Years / by Colin Keefe

That's the thing we're working on downstairs at Mount Airy Contemporary.  It's organized by Organized by Rose DiSalvo, Michelle Grabner and Alexander Herzog of The Suburban (formerly in Oak Park IL and now in Milwaukee WI).

Over the next few weeks we'll be receiving work from around 30 artists and we're going to somehow shoehorn all of that into ~300 s.f.  Alex is building a mobile or stabile to hang artwork from, there's going to be a bookshelf for publications, and some salon-style hanging.

You can read the press release for the show here, and this is the Facebook event.

I've always felt like MAC was sort of the mom-and-pop version of an art gallery: we have a very occasional schedule, we only do shows when we feel like it, we talk to everyone who drops by, sit down with them in the back yard and make it a social thing.  So when we do something that's a bit more visible than our usual two-person shows it can sometimes feel like, "how did all of these people hear about us?" I think this show's going to draw a bit larger crowd than usual - have already had calls from people in the midwest who want to stop by.

Anyway, we're excited.  The show will be up during POST too.