Studio Resources - Reading Material: Rich on Paper, Poor on Life, by Philip McKernan

I'm doing a new thing here (for me) - I'm going to start posting blog entries about the studio research and resources I've been digging into over the past few years - things that have helped frame the problem of balancing an artistic practice and and all the other things that we have in our lives.   

In that spirit, I'll point out that about a year or two back I read Rich on Paper, Poor on Life, by Philip McKernan, right at the beginning of my rethinking how that balance should be, and found it really helpful.  In the book he talks about fear, authenticity, wearing masks, and how choices we make are what we become.

McKernan is an Irish consultant and public speaker who works with clients to help lead more authentic lives - lives more closely aligned with their passions.

You can hear him talk on various podcasts and he's definitely worth a listen - here's one I'm listening to now: