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Married: Andrea Wohl Keefe and Colin Keefe The reception for Married: Andrea Wohl Keefe and Colin Keefe was last Wednesday.  Andi and I gave a 1/2 hour talk to two undergrad classes - contemporary art and printmaking - during the opening.  The evening was organized by gallery director Gloria Mast and the instructors who accompanied their students were Dr. Christine Filippone (Assistant Professor in Art History) and Brant D. Schuller (Professor in Printmaking).

We put a lot of work into this show over the summer and are pretty happy with the outcome.

Drawing Now Philadelphia

There are several more opportunities to engage with this show.  I’m just going to list them in order.

October 3:

  • 2nd Reception First Friday, 6:30 PM

October 25-26:

  • Gallery hours extended to 10 AM to 5 PM during POST weekend
  • 10/25 2-5 PM: Panel Discussion
  • 10/26 1-3 PM: Closing Artist Talk

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Philadelphia Open Studio Tours We will have our studios open October 11-12 from 12-6 PM.  We’ve done open studios for the past 7 years and it’s a lot of fun.  Feel free to drop by.

Andi and I have been collaborating on some stuff so that’s what we’ll have up on the walls among other things.

Mount Airy Contemporary The opening reception for our next exhibition at MAC is October 11th from 6-9 PM:Miracle Grow - Josh Weiss and William Test.  That is also POST weekend of course, so we’ll be rolling right into that Saturday evening.

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2013

postheader2013-withsponsor_1 So our studios at 25 West Mt. Airy Avenue will be open again for Philadelphia Open Studio Tours this coming weekend - October 19-20th 2013, 12 PM - 6 PM both days.

We’d love for you to come by.

Mount Airy Contemporary (our little DIY art space below our studios) will be open both days, showing Brad Litwin and Jon Eckel.

Best, Colin Keefe and Andrea Wohl Keefe

25 West Mt. Airy Avenue Philadelphia PA 19119

215 270 2787

POST 2011/Staged Recap

My wife Andrea and I share studio space, and also run an informal gallery called Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space (MACAS), both out of the carriage house behind our home.  So at any given moment there’s considerable blurring of lines between one kind of art engagement and another. Once a year there’s quite a bit more overlap between our private studio practice and MACAS.  That’s pretty much during Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.

We’ve done POST four years now, and this is our second Open Studio since we launched MACAS.

This year, because we were working with CFEVA on a joint project which opened during the same weekend, the blurring of boundaries were pretty extensive.  We did triple duty - open studios, gallery admin, a speaking piece with a CFEVA Curated Trolley Tour, and Sam running around telling people to sign the guestbook.

Thank you to the 200+ folks who came through our doors during POST 2011.  It’s an exhausting whirlwind that always rewards.

The first image is Andrea’s studio.  Her website is