POST 2011/Staged Recap

My wife Andrea and I share studio space, and also run an informal gallery called Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space (MACAS), both out of the carriage house behind our home.  So at any given moment there’s considerable blurring of lines between one kind of art engagement and another. Once a year there’s quite a bit more overlap between our private studio practice and MACAS.  That’s pretty much during Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.

We’ve done POST four years now, and this is our second Open Studio since we launched MACAS.

This year, because we were working with CFEVA on a joint project which opened during the same weekend, the blurring of boundaries were pretty extensive.  We did triple duty - open studios, gallery admin, a speaking piece with a CFEVA Curated Trolley Tour, and Sam running around telling people to sign the guestbook.

Thank you to the 200+ folks who came through our doors during POST 2011.  It’s an exhausting whirlwind that always rewards.

The first image is Andrea’s studio.  Her website is