Work in progress - Panels

One of my goals is to reduce expenses, so I can end each year in the black with respect to art income.  If your work requires framing, this becomes a large chunk of change that you have to overcome in a given year.  I can easily drop $2000 in framing costs on a show.

So...I'm experimenting with Ampersand Claybord pre-fab panels.  The surface is advertised as archival, and it's silk smooth, so perfect for the Micron ink pens I use.  And they don't require framing!

Here are some work in progress photos from a 2 panel piece I'm working on.  One thing I'm not entirely happy with is the fact that the frames bow inward slightly due to shrinkage, so I can't butt these up together without a 1/16" gap in the middle of the seam.  I'll have to present with 1/4" separating or something.  I've also considered rotating the panels or hanging much further apart...