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Local Engagement at Awbury Arboretum


Celebrate “Local Engagement” and the end of POST 2017 at Awbury Arboretum, a historic landscape in Northwest Philadelphia which is free and open to the public 365 days a year. Meet POST artists and learn more about the parlors of the beautiful Francis Cope House which will be exhibiting works by local artists year round.


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Local Engagement
Featuring Northwest POST Artists at Awbury Arboretum
September 20-October 20
Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Ontology Of Influence

Ontology of Influence: Ron Leax and Alumni Exhibition

Participating artists:

Liza Simmons Allen

Michael Alm

Michael Amter

Yu Araki

Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Behr

Emily Church

Christina Cosio

Jill Downen

Steven Garen

Alan Griswold

Liz Guilmet

Cassie Hamrick

Anna Hegarty

Ann Hirsch

Takashi Horisaki

Violet Juno

Colin Keefe

Dwyer Kilcollin

Noah Kirby

Elana Mann

Alison McNulty

Ian Monroe

Lavar Munroe

Arny Nadler

Erik Peterson

Maya Portner

Stephanie Schlaifer

Katy Scoggin

Zak Smoker

Lindsey Stouffer

Amanda Thatch

Ling-Wen Tsai

Ian Weaver

Alan Wiener

Michaels Williams


Des Lee Gallery

St. Louis MO

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Colin Keefe: Methods for Breeding Urban Systems at Robert Henry Contemporary
to Feb 21

Colin Keefe: Methods for Breeding Urban Systems at Robert Henry Contemporary

Colin Keefe    Strata  , 2014 Ink on Paper 30" x 44" (76.2cm x 1.1m) Detail ©2015 Colin Keefe/Robert Henry Contemporary

Colin Keefe
Strata, 2014
Ink on Paper
30" x 44" (76.2cm x 1.1m)
©2015 Colin Keefe/Robert Henry Contemporary

January 8 through February 21, 2016

Opening reception: January 8, 2016, 6-9pm

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In Methods for Breeding Urban Systems, his second exhibition with the gallery, Colin Keefe draws, in ink on paper, meticulously crafted plan and perspectival views of fictitious built environments constructed with design principles gathered from diverse sources such as the reproductive processes found in microbiology and astronomy, urban planning and architectural theory.

Although sometimes he begins each drawing with a set of parameters that detail a process of development, his obsessive depictions of layered metaphorical urban growths usually begin at random. Keefe says, “I may have something in mind for a particular drawing, a set of challenges or obstacles that I plan to introduce into the drawing that I then have to respond to, but in general the way the drawing progresses is incremental and organic…one mark acts as a biological progenitor for the next.” Each "seed", a city block, begins to interact with its environment and as the drawing "grows", clusters of city blocks build larger neighborhoods randomly, oozing here or spurting there.

In the same way that a gathering of ants acting autonomously create a colony, each line in the drawing creates shapes and patterns that in turn act visually on its neighbors and collectively constitutes the visual experience of the drawing. This bottom-up aggregation and interaction of parts is a metaphor for the self-organizing principles found in nature and provide Keefe a method to create the drawing.

Using a biological interpretation of a city's evolution as metaphor, each drawing resembles a microscope slide teaming with life. A natural selection for architecture reminiscent of biogenesis, the ancient Greek idea that living things could spontaneously come into being from nonliving matter, Keefe's complex adaptive drawings display emergent behaviors and are a visual exploration of theories of self-organization, emergence and complexity.

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4:30 PM16:30

Colin and Andrea Keefe: Artist Talk at Arcadia University

Doing it Yourself: Art, Life, and Creating Opportunities

The Galleries at Arcadia University are pleased to present “Doing it Yourself: Art, Life, and Creating Opportunities”, a lecture by Andrea Wohl Keefe and Colin Keefe, co-directors of Mount Airy Contemporary.

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to Sep 7

Woodmere Annual

Phillip Adams    Kim Altomare    Timothy Belknap
John A. Benigno    Greg Biché    Jim Biglan
Kenneth Blumberg    Lisa Boughter    Gregory Brellochs
Linda Brenner    Jeff Brown    Jen Brown
Sinead Cahill    Lynne Campbell    Mariel Capanna
Edward Carey    Salvatore Cerceo    Jacintha Clark
Alex Cohen    Lewis Colburn    John Costanza
Jenny Cox    Marianne Dages    Alexander Danta
Kristin Deady    Tim Eads    Elaine Erne
Raphael Fenton-Spaid    Ryan Foley    Cari Freno
Jesse Friedman    Michael Garrity    Nancy Heilemann
Morgan Hobbs    Marilyn Holsing    Sarah Hunter
Ben Jones    Tom Judd    Ritva Kangasperko
Colin Keefe    Tina C. LeCoff     Nicholas Lenker
Kathryn Lien     D. Read Lockhart     Alice Norman Mandel
Michelle Marcuse    Erick Miller    James Mueller
Mary Murphy    Erin Murray    J.A. Panetta
Caitlin Peck    Zachary Pritchard    Amy Ritter
Lindsay M. Robbins    Alexander Rosenberg    Diane Ross
Justin Rubich    Laura Sallade    Jonathan Santoro
Steve Scheuring    Dan Schimmel    Emily Schnellbacher
Celeste Schor    Keith Sharp    Sterling Shaw
Kathran Siegel    Almut Simins    Miriam Singer
Robert Small    Holly Smith    Doug Smock
Fay Stanford    Kimberly Stemler    Kate Stewart
Alison Stigora    Karen Stone    Lucia Thome
Alexis Thompson    Jim Ulrich    Madelene Varalli
Erica Volpe    Jon Weary    Justin Webb
Bea Weidner    Virginia Leigh Werrell     Ashley Wick
Edward Woltemate        

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to Aug 31

Pagus Gallery - Works on Paper: Summer

June 15th – August 31st 2015

Thomas Vance
Mary Henderson
Trudy Kraft
Jacob Looney
Sebastien Leclercq
Andrea Keefe
Colin Keefe
Anne Schaefer

Reception for the Artists on
June 27th 2015 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

PAGUS is an Artist-Run 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Gallery Space Open to the Public Since 1996.

619 W. Washington St.
Norristown, PA 19401

Monday - Friday 10:30 - 5:30 or by Appointment

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